Static Websites

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Sometimes I am asked to help particulars or little bussines to give them online presence. For most cases I recomend a simple static website (also called "landing page"), with that way your client can find you online, and a website will enforce your brand in social media.

Static website can seem to much simple, but in most cases you don't need more. Pretty simple, an space to present yourself or you business. Today with the power of CSS3 you can get stunning effects. And the maintainence cost can be ridiculous.

A static page can be written from scratch. I only recomend that way if your are learning HTML and CSS, if you have some expirience you can use amazing tools like CSS frameworks, HTML5 templates, Static Sites Generators, Javascript Plugins, ... . Probably you wont' find online your site already generated, but with a minimal effort you can customize community power solutions to get an stunning website.

Below you can check links to static websites that I made some years ago: